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calligraphy supplies

Chris runs with his wife Melissa. launched in 2012.

He writes 100% of the code.

learn fundamentals

Google Developer Expert

Chris is a Google Developer Expert (aka GDE).

Chris specializes in Firebase and Web Technologies

Chris teaches Firebase at



Everything Chris codes ends up on his GitHub profile.

Sadly, much of it goes to private repos :(

How To Firebase: YouTube

Chris occasionally posts Firebase-related videos to!

He posts the accompanying articles on



Chris wanted to get better with HTML Canvas.

Bunches is a pattern-recognition card came using HTML Canvas.



In addition to writing in the third person, Chris likes to match mocks to the pixel.

He built a Chrome extension named Pixels to make mock matching a bit easier.

esplin family picture


I got my start with a double-major in Finance and Economics from BYU.

Working in economics was a great experience, and it opened a lot of doors... but it soon became clear that finance/econ wasn't where the market wanted to deploy my talents ๐Ÿ˜„

I pivoted to code, particularly JavaScript, beginning in 2010.

The majority of my work these days is in Node.js and front-end JavaScript consulting in and around Salt Lake City, Utah.

I have many years of experience with Node.js and web technologies in general. I started with Polymer (1.x and 2.x) in 2016 and I've been using React since late 2017. I'm always happy to learn a new framework for a deserving project; however, I don't believe that I can produce durable work until I've spun up at least one side project in any given framework.

My preferred back end is Firebase; however, I got my start with SQL and I am very comfortable with relational data. If you need relational data, consider fronting your database with GraphQL for a better developer experience.

Firebase apps take about half the time to develop compared to traditional API-backed apps. Firebase provides the database, API, serverless Cloud Functions, authentication and nearly everything else that a modern web or mobile app needs. There are plenty of reasons to not use Firebase, but the vast majority of web apps are cheaper and easier to develop on the Firebase platform.

I am obsessed with mobile-first progressive web apps, or PWAs. A PWA can be installed on an Android device's homescreen and presents itself as a native app... even though it's a desktop-ready website. Most startups would benefit from releasing a PWA first and only working on more expensive Android and iOS apps once the market has been proven. The trend toward PWAs is strong, especially outside of the United States.

Visit for an example of a modern PWA backed entirely by Firebase. The front end happens to be written in React, although PWAs and Firebase are framework-agnostic. You can install to your homescreen on Android. You can also install it as a pseudo-native app on Windows 10. Both installations leverage Service Workers to provide a fully-cached, offline-first experience.

I've done a huge variety of work. Some has been at tech companies. Some has been for big corporations that I don't get to talk about. Much of my work has been building businesses for myself and others.

I love startups; however, I've done enough of them be well acquainted with pain and failure. I wouldn't say that I'm gunshy... but I'm no longer interested in unfunded projects. I bootstrap companies for myself, not for other people.

Chris Esplin



1795 E Walnut Grove Dr, Draper, UT 84020, 602.300.9796



Senior Software Engineer

  • Leading development on a large React application utilizing the latest React APIs
  • Writing maintainable, well-tested JavaScript


Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed Node.js/React/GraphQL applications for the customer experience
  • Utilized test-driven development and lean methodologies
  • Maintained the legacy Pluralsight video player while developing its replacement
  • Pair programmed with a small team to design, implement and deploy app code through CI/CD
  • Containerized application code using Docker Compose



  • Consulting on small and large software projects focusing on JavaScript and Firebase best practices
  • Developing line-of-business applications using web technologies from design to production
  • Utilizing React, Web Components (Polymer 2.0), Angular, Firebase, Node.js, Redux, RxJs, D3.js, Material Design and Progressive Web App (PWA) patterns
  • Deploying to production on Google Cloud Platform using Docker and Google Cloud Functions
  • Authored as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Firebase



  • Built as a family business to over $250k/year revenue from 2013 to 2015
  • Designed Quiver CMS as an open-source project to drive
  • Managing business operations, including all product sourcing, accounting and customer service
  • Integrated with a fulfillment warehouse to manage all inventory and daily, worldwide fulfillment

2012-2013 ATTASK LEHI, UT

Front-End Web Developer

  • Drove new feature development for the core AtTask SaaS product as the lead Front-End Developer on an agile team, utilizing middle-tier Java, JSPs and a MooTools-based front end
  • Matched UX mocks and interaction specifications to the pixel while collaborating with the product team to revise feature requests to fit our framework and timelines



B.S. in Economics and B.S. in Business Management: Finance

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • Full-tuition academic scholarship